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The Sony DSC-RX100 Power User Guide:
Your Shortcut to Awesome.

The Sony DSC-RX100 is a milestone in digital photography, the first ultracompact camera that is able to create professional level results. With this camera your photographer‘s life will never be the same.

QuickBooks is a new edition by Screen2.0 for digital natives. It is for fast consumption. It contains many images. It is an e-book, not a book adaption. It is made to be loved. With this book you shots will never be the same.

Simply Beautiful:
106 pages, and 90 illustrations & images

Simply Powerful:
35 real-world tricks

Simply Brilliant:
50 inspiring examples


Made for the iPad. Made for ambitous RX100 users. Made to be loved. Made for you.

Here is what others are saying:

SonyAlphaRumors.com: "Contrary to the other e-books about this camera this e-book is not a print-like adaption but has been created specifically for this medium, with a strong focus on good design practice. All graphics and diagrams have been optimized for the iPad."

Dale (Arc Pictures): "I'm a professional Photographer and a Canon user. I purchased the Sony for trips, etc. Basically, I do not want to lug around heavy pro gear when I'm not working. I've had the camera a week and quite impressed. I know how to take pictures, however, menus, set up, and color characteristics etc are different for every camera. You did a wonderful job of explaining quick menu settings that helps one get started in the quickest amount of time. Great job!!"

Barney Greenwood: "Love it. Please do RX1 and A99 NOW!! I think you can charge £10 for stills and £10 for video. Can't wait."

Abery Clark: "The Sony manual just points out functions of each setting. This ebook tells you how to get started and get the most out of those settings right away. Very simple, basic language and well illustrated. You can use te settings in the book as a starting point to customize even further." ***** on iTunes App Store USA

DickETalFotoGraf: "Great design, inspiring examples, very usable tricks. Love it!" ***** on iTunes App Store Germany

Michael Miller-Jones: "As a Nikon user I found your excellent introduction to the Sony RX100, 'The Power Users Guide' very useful."

BookChart.info: "Books by Eckehart Röscheisen have appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, USA." Currently number 1 in Top iTunes Charts in category "Photography", and 8 in Top iTunes Charts for "Arts & Entertainment"!

Gregoire Abitan: "Thank for all your e-book which helps me a lot."

For iBooks and PDF readers

Download a PDF sample here. (Please note that this sample content only covers some basics. There is also much more advanced tricks.)

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