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Einige Fragen an das "NeatImage" Team

Einige Fragen an Vlad vom Sales Team für "NeatImage", ABSoft, Vladiwostok zur MacOS-X-Version, zum Algorithmus und zur Konkurrenz, in englischer Sprache.

Screen2.0: Why is it that the Mac version of "NeatImage" is so much behind your Windows development?

Vlad: We started to work on the Mac version somewhat later after the Windows version was already a product. On the other hand, the Mac version is not really behind. It provides exactly the same quality of noise reduction as the Windows version. It lacks some convenience features but we are working hard to introduce them in the Mac version.

Screen2.0: What kind of algorithms do you use in the software?

Vlad: We use algorithms developed by our team; they are proprietory and patent-pending. This is the next generation of noise reduction methods after the wavelet-based methods.

Screen2.0: What is the basic difference to "Dfine" (nik multimedia), "Digital GEM" (Kodak) and "Grain Surgery"?

Vlad: The basic difference is that Neat Image provides a higher quality of noise reduction, which is the most important characteristic of noise reduction software. Neat Image is able to reduce more noise and preserve more true details than those products. This basic fact makes Neat Image the most popular noise reduction tool (according to a recent market study, Neat Image is about 5 times more popular than "dfine" and "Digital GEM" and 10 time more popular than "Grain Surgery").

There are other aspects, like speed, control, flexibility, price, but the quality of noise reduction is the main factor which brings Neat Image on top.

Screen2.0: Will there be more camera profiles soon?

Vlad: That is very much possible because there are many Neat Image users who own specific cameras. Once one of them builds and shares a profile set for this camera, we will publish it on Neat Image webpage. You may have noticed that the profile library contains mostly profiles built by the Neat Image community.

Such support from the community is really great. BTW, you may try to build a profile set yourself by following the user guide steps, if not to share it then at least to see how it works.