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Hollywood für zu Hause: DFT stellt Filtersammlung "55mm v6" vor

Der US-amerikanische Optik-Filterspezialist für Film-, Video- und Foto-Produktionen, Digital Film Tools, stellt jetzt seine "55mm" Sammlung für "After Effects", "Photoshop", "Final Cut Pro" und "Motion" in Version 6 vor. Auch dieses mal kamen neben Detail-Verbeserungen der existierenden Filter wieder neue hinzu.

"55mm" simuliert eine Vielzahl von Kamera-Filtern, Spezial-Linsen, optische Lab-Prozesse oder Filmkörnung und erlaubt Farbkorrekturen und Post-Processing in einer kontrollierten digitalen Umgebung. Alle Filter funktionieren mit 8- und 16-Bit Farbkanälen.

"55mm v6" kann parallel zu älteren Versionen von "55mm" installiert werden und bietet neben zahlreichen verbesserten Algorithmen und neuen Presets für viele Plug-ins auch zwölf neue Filter, darunter "Depth of Field", "Rack Focus", "Vari-Star", "Strip-Grad", ein völlig überarbeitetes "Light!"-Filter. Realistische Licht- und Schattenmuster (567 "Bleandables", "Breakups", "Christmas", "Cityscapes", "Towns", "Clouds", "Fences", "Openings", "Fire", "Water", "Flags", "Flowers", "Foliage", "Holidays", "Symbols", ...) wurden von der "GamProducts Library" übernommen.

Alle Plug-ins
Folgende Plug-ins werden mitgeliefert: "Black & White", "Black Mist", "Bleach Bypass", "Center Spot", "Color Compensating", "Color Conversion", "Color Correct", "Color Grad", "Color Spot", "Color Temperature", "Cross Processing", "Day for Night", "Defog", "Depth of Field", "Diffusion", "Dual Grad", "Enhancing", "Fast Blur", "Faux Film", "Flashing", "Fluorescent", "Fog", "F-Stop", "GamColor Gels", "Gels", "Glow", "Gold Reflector", "Grain", "Halo", "Infrared", "Lens Distortion", "Light", "Light Balancing", "Low Contrast", "Mist", "Mono Tint", "ND Grad", "Night Vision", "Overexpose", "Ozone", "Photographic Filters", "Polarizer", "Printer Points", "Rack Focus", "Radial Exposure", "ReLight", "Rosco Gels", "Selection", "Selective Color Correct", "Selective Saturation", "Silver Reflector", "Skin Smoother", "Soft Effects", "Split Field", "Star", "Streaks", "Strip Grad", "Sunset/Twilight", "Telecine", "Temperature", "Tint", "Ultra Contrast", "Vari-Star", "Vignette", "Warm/Cool", "Warm Black Mist", "Warm Mist", und "Warm Soft Effects".

Weitere Neuerungen aus der "What's New"-Sektion des Herstellers:

55mm 5.0 What's New
1. Color Spot: Tints the image using presets for common photographic filters except for a center spot which retains normal color. The center spot can be moved, sized and the amount of blur can be controlled.
2. Depth of Field: Depth of Field can be added to a scene by isolating and blurring only a portion of the image. The amount of blurring is directly proportionate to the luminance of the selection settings, a gradient or an input clip. (Replaces Selective Soft Focus)
3. Flashing: Flashing allows you to use photographic filters to lower the contrast of your shadows or highlights. The motion picture lab can expose a small amount of light to the film at various stages of the developing and printing process. For example, Negative plus Dupe Negative flashing lifts blacks, while Print plus Master Positive flashing softens whites.
4. Rack Focus: Rack Focus replicates a true camera defocus by introducing lens bokeh effects. Bokeh is the Japanese term that describes the quality of out-of-focus points of light. In defocused areas, each point of light becomes a shape--either a circle or a polygon. The shape grows in size as the amount of defocusing is increased. (Replaces Defocus)
5. Radial Exposure: Lightens and/or darkens the center or edges of an image to correct lens vignetting.
6. ReLight: Light can be added into scene where none existed before. A complete set of light source controls allow you to adjust the light just as you would at the time of shooting. In addition, digital equivalents of the lighting gels created by GAMPRODUCTS, INC. can be applied to your light source. For detailed information about GAM Gels, you can visit their website at
7. Split Field: Split Field splits the image with a line that can be positioned, rotated and blurred. On one side of the line, the image is blurred and on the other, it is in focus.
8: Strip Grad: Strip Grad colors and or darkens only a portion of the image in the form of a narrow strip using photographic filters. Presets for your favorite color grad filters are provided as well as the ability to create custom colors. There is a graduated transition for a smooth color blend between the colored/darkened portion and the original image. Strip Grad is especially good for changing and enhancing a narrow portion of the sky.
9. Telecine: Telecine emulates the method of color correction done in a telecine film to tape transfer suite. Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma and pedestal values of the overall image can be adjusted as well as separately in user definable shadow, midtone and highlight areas.
10. Vari-Star: Multi-point star patterns are generated on highlights in the image.
11. Warm Black Mist: The Warm Black Mist filter creates atmosphere by reducing contrast, but with minimal glow around highlights in combination with a warming filter.
12. Warm Soft Effects: Warm Soft Effects diffuses the image in such a way that minimizes facial imperfections while retaining overall clarity in combination with a warming filter.

55mm 6.0 What's Changed
1. Center Spot: A radial gradient has been added in combination with a blur whose strength is proportionate to the gradient luminance. This results in optically correct center spot blurs.
2. Dual Grad: Color filter presets have been added to replace the tint colors.
3. Enhancing: In addition to red values, the Enhancing filter can now enhance blue and green values. There is a new Hue parameter in the Selection menu with presets for red, green and blue.
4. Fast Blur: A Quality setting has options for Box and Gaussian. Box is the quality setting used by previous version of 55mm. Gauusian is better quality, but slower at higher blur settings.
5. Light!: GamColor Gel Presets replace the previous Light>Color control and the pattern and texture library has been replaced by the entire Gam Pattern library consisting of 567 different patterns which include: blendables, breakups, Christmas, cityscapes and towns, clouds, fences and openings, fire and water, flags, flowers, foliage, holidays and symbols, moons, natural elements, religion, signage, sky and stars, spirals, spotlights and pinspots, stones and brick, structures and sets, themes, trees, vignettes and windows.
6. Polarizer: A Selection>Hue control has been added resulting in more effortless sky selection and polarization.
7. Sunset/Twilight: Color filter presets have been added to replace the tint colors.
8. Tint: An optional gradient has been added.
9. Vignette: A blur whose strength is proportionate to the vignette luminance replaces the previous blur.
10. Warm Mist: A different warming technique has been added toWarm Mist.

Weitere Informationen: 55mm und features/ 55mm6_features.pdf