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"Google Base": Web-Datenbank-Service startet Beta-Phase

Mit "Google Base (Beta)" hat Google einen neuen Dienst gestartet, mit welchem Anwender beliebige Informationen ablegen können sollen, die dann für alle anderen Anwender über den Dienst auffindbar sind.

Alle Anwender können in der Freeform-Datenbank "Google Base" beliebige Informationen und Bilder speichern. Keywords sollen das wiederfinden durch andere User erleichtern. Alle in Google Base abgelegten Inhalte können auch über die normale Google-Suche und Diensten, wie etwa "Froogle" und "Google Local" gefunden werden.

Die "Frequently Asked Questions" geben noch mehr Einblicke in den Service:

1. Why should I use Google Base?

If you have information you want to share with others, but aren't sure how to go about gaining an audience, Google Base is for you.

If you don't have your own website, we'll host your content for you. You'll be able to choose labels and attributes that can draw more attention to the content you're showing. And, based on their relevance, your items may appear on Google, Froogle, or Google Local.

Google Base is free. Plus you're always in control – you can edit or archive your items at any time.

2. What are labels and attributes?

Google Base enables you to include detailed information about your Google Base items called labels and attributes, which will help users find your content more easily when they search on Google Base or other Google properties.

Labels are any keywords or phrases – such as recipe, event, or product – that can be used to classify or describe your item.

Attributes are words or phrases that help describe the characteristics and qualities of your items. You may enter multiple values for a particular attribute separated by commas.

For example: If you're trying to describe a recipe you want to share, your label might be 'Recipe' and you might include attributes such as 'Theme: Breakfast', 'Main Ingredient: Eggs, Chicken', and 'Chef: Rachel Ray'.

3. How do I sign up? Do I need a Google Account to use Google Base?

You can experiment with Google Base and browse through existing items (click more under the description box) at any time. However, to publish your own items, you must create a Google Account.

4. What kind of information can I submit?

Remember, our goal is to organize the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible, and "the world's information" certainly includes almost anything you might wish to contribute. We encourage you to submit your item, whether it's your store inventory, collection of original poetry, or research paper on cancer receptors.

Please note that we reserve the right to review all items and make sure they comply with the Google Base Terms and Conditions.)

5. How can I submit my item?

To submit an item, visit Google Base and choose an item type from the drop down menu or create your own item type in the text box below. Then click Next to add details, edit, review and publish your item. In about 15 minutes, your item will have its own unique web address and be visible to the world.

If you'd like to create more than ten items, you might want to consider submitting a bulk upload file to save yourself from having to create multiple items by hand. (Learn more about bulk uploads.)

6. In what formats can I submit my bulk upload?

Google Base will accept bulk uploads in TSV, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 formats. This means that content providers who already have RSS feeds can easily submit their content to Google Base without requiring much additional work.

7. What are the benefits of Google Base for content providers?

The main benefits for content providers are threefold:
1. Distribution
Google Base enables content previously not found on the web to be more accessible and useful. Users can then refine their search results based on attributes to find what they are looking for quickly.
2. Ease of Use
Content providers can go to one place to upload content to Google. Content providers can post individual items by completing a simple UI form or submit a bulk upload file with multiple items in standard formats such as TSV, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0.
3. Free content hosting
Google Base creates a new opportunity for content providers to submit any kind of content, even if it's not a web page or online.

8. What type of information can I enter into the Google Base description box?

You can put just about anything into the Google Base description box. Simply describe your item as best you can, then click Next.

If you'd rather format your item by hand, click Next without entering any information in the description box. On the next page, you can specify your item's title, description, pricing, and other content in separate fields.

9. Where will my item appear?

We'll host your item if you don't already have a website, and make it visible to anyone who searches for your item's unique web address or to anyone who finds it while searching for related topics. If your item is highly relevant, it may also appear in Google searches or on other Google properties like Froogle and Google Local.

In addition, your items will appear on Google Base search results. Searchers will be able to find your item by refining their search based on attributes that you, and others like you, include.

10. Do I need a website if I want my item to appear on Google properties?

No. If you don't have a website, Google Base will host your content (for free) on a unique web address.

11. How will you control for irrelevant items like pornography or SPAM material?

All items that are uploaded must comply with Google Base Editorial Policies and Google Base Program Policies. Items that do not meet these policies may be taken down.

12. Can I advertise with AdWords?

Yes, you can advertise your Google Base hosted page using AdWords. We recommend that you use your namespace in the visible URL of your ad so that users are aware that you have a unique page on Google Base. For example, you could use or

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