archive // 2006.03.13 08:26:45 [hh]

Realviz bringt Stitcher Update 5.1

Der französische 3D-Spezialist Realviz hat seine Panorama-Software "Stitcher" aktualisiert und bietet Version 5.1 als kostenloses Upgrade für alle registrierten Anwender an. Zu den neuen Features zählen Sensor Shift, Movie-Export, Batch Rendering und die Einbindung der externen Blending-Technologie "enblend".

Aus den Release Notes des Updates:

- New camera parameter: Sensor shift. This parameter will greatly help the joining of pictures. It is automatically calculated when using the Adjust Camera tool. This parameter can be visualized or modified in the project properties. It is not necessary always the same since it also depends on current project.

- New render format: you can now render your panorama as a movie, as a AVI (PC) or MOV (PC/MAC) file, by setting key frame for your current camera parameters.

- New conversion format: along with the movie render export you can also create a movie directly from any panorama type (quicktime, cubical, spherical, ...)

- New graphical batch utility: you can set a list of different project you want to render nightly and let Stitche renders them sequencially. You can als attribute different render settings to each project.

Weitere Informationen: products/ ST/ whatsnew.php