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"Processing 0108": Programmieren für Designer geht in die nächste Runde

Das auf Java basierende einfache Programmiersystem "Processing", das sich insbesondere an Designer wendet, wurde jetzt erneut aktualisiert und bietet nun etwa PDF- und DXF-Export der generierten Grafiken.

Die Macher Ben und Casey zu den neuen Features:

»PDF Export
In addition to rendering 2D, 3D and 3D with OpenGL acceleration, we've added automatic PDF export for your Processing sketches. This means that you can just say size(400, 400, PDF, "awesome.pdf") at the beginning of your sketch to have it render in full resolution vector goodness. As an added bonus, you can use different sizes than 400x400, and even name it something awesomer than "awesome.pdf".

For the artichokes and others of the CAD persuasion, you can also capture lines and triangles from your 3D sketches to a DXF file, suitable for import into your favorite modeling application. Just imagine, Peter Cho's "Letter K" example rendered on the stereo lithography machine or the laser cutter.

A built-in color picker has been added to the Tools menu. No longer do you have to purchase a copy of Photoshop(r) or Illustrator(r) just to have a decent color picker for your Processing sketches. Think of the money you'll save.«

Das Update für Mac, Windows und Linux kann von download/ herunter geladen werden.

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