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ImageWell automatisiert Web-Bilder-Erstellung

Ein nützliches kleines Mac-Tool namens "ImageWell" erlaubt die schnelle Aufbereitung von Bildern für das Web. Mittels Drag-and-Drop können Bilder bearbeitet (Größenänderung, Beschneiden, Rotieren, Schatten, Ränder ) werden und ggf. auch via ".Mac" oder FTP hochgeladen werden. Screen2.0 stellt die interessante Freeware vor.

Aus der Feature-Liste:

ImageWell Features:
• Resize, Rotate, and Crop images easily
• Drop Shadow Effect (OS X 10.3 or higher)
• Watermark your image with text
• Add 1 of 12 shapes to your image for borders
and drop shadows
• Add talking balloons, thought clouds or labels
• Annotate your image with arrows, circles,
squares or text
• One click to send image or file to your iDisk,
FTP or WebDAV server
• Drag& Drop any file type onto the Send button to
• Web Preview and Quality/Size adjustment tool before uploading to the web
• Grab images directly from your screen or digital camera
• Automatically creates URL or HTML tags of uploaded images
• Multiple server locations can be added and stored to your locations list
• URL History for pasting multiple images/links all at once
• Check for Overwrite on Server
• User Specific Options and Settings
• Fully Apple-Scriptable
• PNG, JPG, TIFF support
• Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese Localizations
• Watermark text can be enlarged up to 200 points
• Left, Right, Top, and Bottom Label Positions for Watermarks

Weitere Informationen: IWOverview.html