archive // 2006.06.21 08:00:59 [hh]

Fontshop präsentiert "Type Navigator"

Ein interessantes neues Font-Suchtool präsentiert der Schriftenanbieter Fontshop mit seinem Web-basierenden "Type Navigator", bei dem man mit wenigen Klicks zum Ziel kommen kann.

Von der Web-Site:

"There's a font in your head. Perhaps it's something you saw on a sign the other day. Or maybe you have a mental image of the perfect typeface for your next design project, but you don't know if it even exists. Finding that font normally requires laborious searching through specimen books and websites."

Cut that tedium. Meet TypeNavigator: the world's first interactive visual font search system. "Visual" means you needn't know anything about what you're looking for — all you need is that image in your head. This system is unique in that you can identify fonts by memory alone.

TypeNavigator currently searches a large portion of FontShop's collection. New font libraries will be added over time, continually increasing the chances that you'll find exactly what you're seeking."

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