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Digital Locker: "MP3tunes" bietet Online-Speicherplatz für Songs (ebenfalls gegründet von Michael Robertson, der schon gründete) bietet ab sofort die Möglichkeit, Songs online zu speichern. Der Service "Oboe Locker" kann online, sowie durch Software für Mac, Linux und Windows verwendet werden. Die Songs können dann von anderen Rechnern gestreamt oder herunter geladen werden. Die kostenlose Variante bietet bereits 1 Gigabyte Speicherplatz.

Dazu Michael Robertson:

"My vision for a music locker goes beyond just playing music on PCs. An Oboe Locker can zap music to every electronic device with speakers or a headphone jack. Turn on the device. Tell it who you are. Instantly have your entire music library. In the near future you'll have a dozen different devices in your car, home, or on your person that play your music. No single company is going to have the best device in every category. Apple today may make the finest MP3 player, but the Apple/Motorola "ROKR" is an abysmal device that I bet Steve Jobs doesn't carry around in his pocket.

My not-so-secret strategy is to amass a large number of music lockers to compel electronics companies to build devices that will work with this open system - so you're always in control of your music. Most manufacturers like to lock customers in and maximize profits by creating devices incompatible with other products. I want to achieve the exact opposite - enable compatibility between all devices so you can choose the best mp3 player, phone, home stereo, PDA, etc. and know each will play ALL the music you own.

To make this a reality MP3tunes has published an API (a technical way of saying we've made the instructions publicly available) that allows any device in the world to connect to a locker and play music. Already utilizing this API are devices such as DVRs (like TiVo) and wifi devices (like Nokia's 770) and the list is growing. We're working with several electronic manufacturers to make your music available on phones and other devices."

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