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"Web Directions North": kostenlose Profi-Präsentationen online

Anfang Februar fand im kanadischen Vancouver die "Web Directions North" mit zahlreichen namhaften Rednern aus dem Bereich Web-Design und -Technologie statt. Nun sind die teilweise sehr ansprechenden und informativen englischsprachigen Präsentationen online. Sie geben einen Einblick, wie der aktuelle Stand durch die Redner definiert wird. Die Themen: Design als kreativer Prozeß, AJAX, CSS, Microformats, Experience Design.

Von der Web-Site der "Web Directions North":
"And we’re done! Thanks again to everyone who came out to be a part of it, for your support, and definitely for your understanding when things like, say, the wifi didn’t quite pan out the way we had hoped…
We’ve spent the past few days catching our breath after the close of what seems to have ultimately been a successful and well-received conference, and from what we’ve heard, a great time for everyone who came.
We’ll have a few more wrap-up posts around these parts in the coming weeks with good stuff like session podcasts, but since we’ve already got a few of them, I wanted to post the first batch of presentation slides. I’ll keep adding to this list as new ones come in, so if you can find the slides for your favourite presentation, check back here in a few days. (To those who couldn’t attend WDN: obviously many of these slides will make more sense in context when the podcasts are available. To everyone: Apple’s Keynote produces large PDFs, sorry about the file sizes.)"

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