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Adobe goes Hosted Services und bastelt an Online-Version von "Photoshop"

Auch Adobe will jetzt in direkte Konkurrenz zu Unternehmen wie Google ("Picasa") und Services wie "Picnik" (siehe unser Item vom 27. Februar) und in den nächsten drei bis sechs Monaten einen werbefinanzierten Hosted Service zur Low-End-Bildbearbeitung anbieten. Screen2.0 bringt Licht ins Dunkel der Spekulationen.

Der geplante Service sei Teil einer größer angelegten Strategie hin zu werbefinanzierten kostenlosen Online-Diensten, so Adobes CEO Bruce Chizen gegenüber dem Online-Nachrichtendienst "CNET". Das soeben angekündigte Video-Bearbeitungstool "Adobe Remix" für PhotoBucket sei erst der Anfang.

Chizen zu der neuen Strategie: "That is new (for Adobe). It's something we are sensitive to because we are watching folks like Google do it in different categories, and we want to make sure that we are there before they are, in areas of our franchises [...] We recognize there is a customer there--we recognize they are not going to pay us, necessarily, directly. But we could use ad revenue as a model. Google has demonstrated that it works pretty well for certain types of applications. [...] If we offered a host-based version of Photoshop that's Photoshop-branded (and is) potentially better than Picasa, you'd probably go the Photoshop route because of your belief in the Photoshop brand and the quality associated with the brand."

Dazu "Photoshop"-Produktmanager John Nack:

"I view this evolution of Adobe imaging as a logical (and exciting) extension of what we've been doing for several years.  The company recognized that one size doesn't fit all, and that it's possible to leverage core imaging technology & experience to build a variety of related solutions. That's what has led to Photoshop Elements (starting with core PS editing, removing pro-level complexity, adding hobbyist-oriented creation & sharing tools) and Photoshop Lightroom (leveraging Camera Raw, metadata, and workflow experience).  A Photoshop-branded online editor lets us start bringing the tech to new customers--much like the new Adobe Remix reaches new customers using Adobe Premiere technology.

To set expectations properly, I think it's important to mention that by 'Photoshop-branded' we don't mean the professional version of Photoshop.  The tools being discussed here are targeted at the consumer market--especially all the people using social networking and media sharing sites.

Exciting times are ahead.  And meanwhile, we're working hard to keep opening doors to the online world in Adobe desktop apps. The upshot is that Adobe imaging technology can migrate to the Web, and the Web can transform and enhance desktop tools."

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