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Adobes "Apollo" RIA-System: 14 Video-Tutorials von Mike Chambers

"" bietet jetzt 14 kostenlose englischsprachige Video-Tutorials des Adobe-Produktmanagers für Apollo Developer Relations, Mike Chambers, welche die Grundprinzipien von Adobes kostenloser Rich Internet Application (RIA) Runtime erklären.

Von der Web-Site:

"Join Mike Chambers, Adobe's Senior Product Manager for Developer Relations, as he gives an exclusive, hands-on glimpse of the alpha version Apollo: a powerful new development tool from Adobe. Web developers fluent in Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax have been promised a smooth transitional tool for building cross-platform desktop and hybrid web/desktop applications, and Mike shows just how Apollo fulfills this promise.

In honor of the free posting of alpha software by Adobe on Adobe Labs, is making this online training totally free to the community. Stay tuned for a full-fledged training course once Apollo is finalized and for sale."

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