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Hosted Services: Adobe will Scene7 übernehmen

Adobe Systems hat eine Vereinbarung (Definitive Agreement) mit dem Rich-Media-Dienstleister Scene7 (Novato, Kalifornien) unterzeichnet, demzufolge Adobe das Unternehmen und seine 80 Mitarbeiter übernehmen will. Scene7 baut "real-time rich media delivery services" und realisiert Flex-baiserte Katalog-Lösungen für Unternehmen wie Amazon oder QVC, aber auch Abo-Services für Bildverwaltung, E-Kataloge, Produkt-Konfiguratoren und multimediale E-Mails. Die geplante Akquisition unterstreicht das Bestreben des Software-Herstellers, wie auch seine Mitbewerber (insbesondere Microsoft) künftig stärker auf Web-basierte Services ("Software as a Service") zu setzen. Erste Produkte und Announcements mit "Kuler", "MyFeedz", "Photoshop Elements Sharing", "Photobucket Video Editing" und "Photoshop Online" hat Adobe ja bereits veröffentlicht.

Details zu der Transaktion wurden nicht veröffentlicht. Der Deal soll bis "Ende Mai" über die Bühne gegangen sein. Der Scene7-CEO Doug Mack soll dann Vice President, Creative Solutions Services bei Adobe werden.

"Scene7 has done a great job developing a sophisticated system that underpins the online delivery of high-fidelity imagery and dynamic assets", so John Loiacono, Senior Vice President der Creative Solutions Business-Unit bei Adobe. "This acquisition will help Adobe build out a robust Internet infrastructure, allowing us to further develop Scene7’s brand-name customer list and accelerate the online availability of technologies relied on by millions of creatives worldwide."

Fragen und Anworten von Adobe

Why is Adobe acquiring Scene7?
Scene7 brings both a growing and complementary business and a set of technologies, services, and expertise that can be applied to future Adobe Software as a Service (SaaS) efforts.

What is Scene7 known for?
Scene7 is the leading on-demand solution provider for automating rich media creation, publishing, and management. Scene7’s offerings enable companies to grow revenues by enhancing customer experiences and cutting production costs. Businesses can improve the entire online selling and marketing cycle—from attracting customers to guiding them to the right products and services to successfully converting them into loyal buyers.

What services does Scene7 provide?
Scene7 offers subscription-based services utilizing its on-demand rich media technology. These services include: Dynamic imaging—Enhance online product viewing with dynamic sizing, pan and zoom, color and texture swatching, data-driven templating, 360-degree spin, and video. Image management—Easily control and distribute approved brand images to external partners and channels, as well as internal business users, via a self-service portal. E-catalog—Create interactive, personalized, and segmented versions of print materials. Product configurators—Visually configure products and options online prior to purchase Targeted e-mail and print—Personalize any imagery, graphics, or messages. These services are currently offered on-demand or as a licensed software option and are used by leading institutions worldwide including Sears, Lands’ End, Harrods, Macy’s, Office Depot, Levi Strauss & Co., La-Z-Boy, and QVC.

Where can I learn more about Scene7’s products?
You can learn more about Scene7 products and service offerings at

Will Adobe continue to sell and support Scene7 products and services?

Will Scene7 customers call Adobe or Scene7 for support?
Existing Scene7 personnel and channels will continue to provide support for customers.

Where does Scene7 do business?
Scene7 currently does business in North America and is rapidly expanding in Europe.

How many employees does Scene7 have?
Scene7 has approximately 80 employees worldwide.

Will all of the Scene7 employees join Adobe?
We expect to retain virtually all Scene7 employees.

Where does Scene7 have offices?
Scene7’s corporate offices are located in Novato, California.

Will Adobe acquire the entire company?
Yes, Adobe will acquire the entire company and all of its assets.

What will happen to the Scene7 brand?
The Scene7 brand will remain for a time, but will eventually be replaced with the Adobe brand.

Will remain active?
Yes. For the near future, the Scene7 website will remain active. At some point we will integrate all Scene7 product information and content into

Do you expect to integrate Scene7’s services with any of Adobe’s products?
Today, Scene7’s solutions already utilize and accept many Adobe creative file formats including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, and Illustrator. All of Scene7’s dynamic rich content can be served into a Flash based viewer. Scene7 has recently moved to an Adobe FlexTM based user interface for Image Portal and Campaigner add-on modules, with plans to be 100% Flex based within the coming year. Over time, we expect to increase the appeal of Scene7’s solutions and provide even deeper integration with Adobe creative applications, services, technologies, and web development tools.

Are there areas of duplication in product lines? If so, how will that be addressed?
There is little overlap in the two companies’ product lines. Scene7 Image Server benefits are different from those of Adobe Graphics Server. Over time there might be some synergies between these two solutions.

Will planned product releases for Scene7 or Adobe be affected?
No planned product releases from either company will be affected.

Customers and partners

Will Adobe continue to sell and support Scene7 products and services?

I am an existing Scene7 customer. How does this acquisition affect me?
We are committed to deliver and support existing and new Scene7 products and services. Please continue to contact Scene7 as you have in the past.

Will existing channels and contact points continue to support Scene7 products?

What about Scene7’s existing resellers, OEMs, and other partners?
We expect to continue to maintain Scene7’s channel and partner relationships.

Will Adobe continue to provide custom integration and development for the rebranded Scene7 solutions?
Scene7 doesn’t build one-off custom services but rather works with customers to configure the platform for their needs. Customers can either configure their solution themselves or work with Scene7’s services team to configure it for them.

Will my support terms, hours of operation, or level of service be impacted by this acquisition?
Customer service and technical support will continue to be delivered according to the service levels and channels currently provided to Scene7 customers.

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