news // 2007.05.23 08:42:00 [hh]

Neue Beta-Version von "Google Analytics"

Google präsentiert eine neue Beta-Version seiner Traffic-Analyse-Software "Google Analytics". Neu ist vor allem eine übersichtlichere Präsentation der Reports. Registrierte Anwender können bis auf weiteres die alte und neue Version des kostenlosen Service parallel nutzen.

Weitere Informationen von Google

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the Google Analytics reporting interface. Since you are an existing user, you will automatically be upgraded - there is no action required on your part. To access this new version click the "View Reports" link next to any profile in your account by logging in at analytics.

For a smooth transition, we've listed some helpful resources and notes below. Also, you will still be able to access your old reporting interface for at least a month by clicking "Previous Interface" below the "View Reports" link for any profile in your account. Other than a few improvements detailed in the version notes below, your data and configuration settings remain unaffected by your choice of interface and your data continues to be tracked in the same way as it was prior to this redesign.

What is new? In the new version, your reports have been redesigned for clarity, greater visibility of important metrics, and ease of use. Here are just a few of the features you'll notice:

The new interface has everything the previous interface had and more. In addition, links within reports make it easier to navigate related information and explore your data.

The following resources are available to help you get the most from the new Google Analytics interface:A few notes about the new version:Weitere Informationen: analytics