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"": kostenlose Hintergünde, Panoramen und Videos

"" bietet kostenloses Material für die eigenen Produktionen, die unter der Creative Commons License frei und kostenlos verwendbar sind, und nur einen Verweis auf die Site erfordern.

Fragen und Antworten

Can i use the footage for commercial works? Yes you can, all the footage is realeased under the creativ commons copyrights giving you the rights to use for commercial, non commercial, remixes or whatever you want. The only exeception is you are not allowed to resell or redistribute the textures on other footage sites or collections.

So you give up all your copyrights? The only thing I want from you is that you write my site in the credits of your work.

What are the differencees to all other footage sites?
1. You get all copyrights to use the footage in your works.
2. The quality oft the footage is always top, that means 2k for textures, tileable, HD video content for the timelapse series.
3.Simple to use. Direct download links on the frontpage. Every release is compressed in one zip -file, you don´t have to download one pic after another. You don´t have to registrate or type in your email adress, Nothing - just straight download.
4.There will be a release every week

How can i get updated when yo release a new archive? You don´t have a mailing list. Use the rss feed of my blog.

So why do you do that, what´s your advantage? I will create this footages for my work anyway and there is no really reason that i keep them for my selve and I like the idea of sharing footage to get new works done with the same feedstock.

Why do you use a jpg sequence for the time lapse movies and not a mov or avi? There are problems with container formats such as avi´s or mov´s because of the different codecs that are used in production. A jpg can use every editing or compositing system so i wanted to be 100% compatible.

How do I use a jpg sequence in my editing application? There will be some manuals online soon.

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