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Redaktionstipp: "National Geographic" Bücher zur Photographie

Gute Bücher zum Thema Photographie sind leider selten - und in den meisten Fällen wenig inspirierend. Eine wohltuende Ausnahme von dieser Regel sind die Bücher aus der "National Geographic Photo Guide" Reihe, in welcher gestandene Profi-Fotpografen nicht nur ihre Tricks, sondern auch ihre Bilder zeigen. Selten kann Screen2.0 einmal Bücher uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Jetzt tun wir es.

Einige der Bücher sind auch in deutsch erhältlich. Hier die Aufstellung aller in englisch verfügbaren Titel:

"National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Travel" von Bob Caputo: For more than a century National Geographic photographers have traveled the globe capturing stunning images of all cultures and landscapes. Now national Geographic photographer Bob Caputo reveals secrets of the trade and shows readers how to improve their own travel photographs. Practically everyone becomes an amateur photographer when they travel. Whether it's family vacation to Disney World or a once-in- a lifetime African safari, photographs are a way to capture the experience. However, many people are disappointed when they develop their photos. Somehow the pictures never quite capture the grandeur of the experience. This book, the sixth in the acclaimed National Geographic Photography Field Guide series, will help transform those photos from weak reflections into vibrant expressions. National Geographic photographers always convey a sense of place with their images- this is the most difficult and most rewarding aspect of creating extraordinary travel photography. Caputo shares the steps he takes to ensure success, including preparation before leaving home. After outlining a basic photography kit, Caputo addresses specialized needs, depending on the travel location. Smart, practical advice includes how to protect your equipment while traveling in bad weather, and which subjects make the best photographs. Drawing from extensive experience accumulated through years of circumnavigating the globe, Caputo and other well-known National Geographic photographers pass along valuable tips to turn the most hopeless shutterbug into a picture-taking pro.

"Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures" von Peter Burian und Bob Caputo: Written by two National Geographic writer/photographers, this fairly comprehensive introduction to taking photographs details basic equipment (cameras, lenses, and other gear), film, light, composition, exposure metering, electronic flash, subjects for 35mm photography, special situations (underwater and aerial photography), and computer imaging. But perhaps the most interesting and informative sections of the book are the profiles of Sam Abell, William Albert Allard, Annie Griffiths Belt, David Alan Harvey, James L. Stanfield, Michael Yamashita, and other notable photographers. The book concludes with helpful information on travel, photography publications, websites, and other resources. As one would expect, it is amply illustrated with exquisite, high-impact, color images made on location. This substantial book aimed at photographers looking for practical advice from the pros is highly recommended for public and academic libraries.

"National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Action & Adventure" von Bill Hatcher: This work includes both film and digital processes, and is tailored to meet the needs of a broad ranging skills base. It contains 115 inspiring photographs, with advice from one of the best photographers working in the field today, with special expertise in action and adventure photography. The eighth in the acclaimed "Photography Field Guide" series - this 160-page book is both a source of inspiration and a practical handbook on how to photograph the intense, action-packed moments on every kind of adventure, ranging from the quietest stroll to the most exhilarating mountain climb. This handbook includes guidelines for photographing the beautiful or telling moments that surround the swift, fleeting central action. Techniques are stunningly demonstrated and explained through 115 exquisite photographs by the author - an expert in action and adventure photography. Also included are tips on photographing sports events and other situations that involve action.

"National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Digital Black & White" von Richard Olsenius.

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