news // 2007.09.12 08:07:09 [hh]

"e": eine "TextMate"-Alternative auf Windows

Weitgehend unbekannt ist ein neuer Text-Editor namens "e" für Windows ("The Power of Textmate on Windows"), der eine interessante professionelle Alternative für Web-Entwickler und -Designer sein kann. Screen2.0 stellt das interessante und für Windows-Software auch noch ausgesprochen gut aussehende Tool von Alexander Stigsen vor.

"e" bietet einige interessante Features wie Snippets/Makros, Multiple Insert, Column Selection & Editing, und "TextMate"-kompatible Language Bundles. Dank "cygwin"-Unterstzützung werden auch eine Vielzahl an Unix-Kommandos unterstützt. "Personal Revision Control" erlaubt die Verwaltung von Versionen direkt aus "e".

Hier die Message aus dem "E Text Editor Blog"von Entwickler Alexander Stigsen: "After a long beta period, e is finally coming out of beta. It has been quite a ride. We have had a pretty crazy release cycle with updates coming out weekly (and often twice a week). So I really appreciate all the users who have followed the releases and pushed both me and e to improve with their enthusiasm. Special appreciation goes to all those users who chose to register even though it was still in beta.

Coming out of beta does not mean that development will slow down. The 1.0 release is a stable base to build on and I have a lot of new (and unique) features in the pipeline. I will probably start having a bit longer between releases to focus on some larger features.

And before I get drowned in requests again. Yes, a linux version is in the works."

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