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Kostenlos und online: "VectorMagic" verspricht bessere Vektor-Pfade aus Bitmaps

Mit "VectorMagic" (nach eigenen Angaben "The Online Tool for Precision Vectorization") gibt es ein neues kostenloses Online-Tool für präziseres Vektorisieren von Bitmap-Grafiken. Screen2.0 stellt das interessante Forschungsprojekt der Stanford University eines Auto-Tracers für JPG-, GIF-, PNG-, BMP- und TIFF-Bitmap-Grafiken und - Bilder vor. Die Vergleiche mit kommerziellen Produkten von Corel ("PowerTrace") und Adobe ("Live Trace") sehen durchaus vielversprechend aus.

Alles was man tun muss, ist die Grafik hochladen, warten und dann das Ergebnis als EPS, SVG oder PNG herunter laden.

Auch Datenschutz und Sharing werden laut den Machern geboten: "VectorMagic allows you to conveniently share your vectorization results with whomever you choose.
After you have uploaded and vectorized an image, simply click on the Share! link on the My Uploaded Images page and then send the shareable link that shows up to whomever you'd like. You can easily un-share a result by clicking the [x] that shows up next to the shareable link.
Give it a try! Enable sharing for one of your images and click on the shareable link to see a preview of what the vectorization sharing looks like."

Frequently Asked Questions

Einige Fragen und Antworten in englisch:

Is there a client-side version available?
Not at this time, but we're considering making one.

Will you open-source this project?
We are not currently considering open-sourcing this project.

Can I use the results from this site freely?
We make no legal claims to the results that this site produces.

Are there any papers published on the technology? Where can I learn more about the details?
We have yet to publish, so unfortunately there is no detailed technical information available.

I use a Mac and I get a content-type error when I upload bitmap (.bmp) images - what's wrong?
For some reason some Mac configurations upload bitmaps as application/octet-stream rather than image/bmp. We're looking into possible workarounds. Update: we've put in a fix for this - please send us an email if you have any further issues with uploading .bmp files.

Can you remove the image background?
We don't have that feature just yet, but we're considering adding it.

Do you support gradients?
Not at this time, but we're considering adding that feature.

What are the white lines I see in some results?
This is a rendering problem in most anti-aliased vector renderers (Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Xara Xtreme, Ghostscript) where the background appears to "shine through" between region boundaries. We're looking into possible workarounds.

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