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"": Online-Galerie mit Wettbewerben für Kreative

Anregendes und aufregendes, zum Teil extrem albernes gibt es auf der Web-Site "" (kurz: W3K) von dem Online-Grafik-Tools-Anbieter Die Site ist eine Online-Galerie mit ständig wechselnden Wettbewerben zu Themen wie Fotorealismus, Multimedia oder Animation.

So beschreiben die Macher Ihre Web-Site, die kürzlich in Version 3 online gegangen ist:

"Worth1000 v3.0 (W3K) is more than just a site redesign. The underlying concept of how people compete, where they compete and what tools they can use have been reworked from the ground up. The biggest improvement is that instead of one large site separated into a few general sections, Worth1000 has been converted into a limitless series of completely separate and focused Arenas.

The best analogy would be if Walmart was converted into a shopping mall - you can still buy everything you need during a single trip, but now you would visit specific stores within the mall instead of having one huge endless store to walk through. The idea underlying W3K was to make a site more browsable and closer-knit. We wanted to make a place where people could feel they were a part of micro-communities surrounding specific topics interesting to them, yet still be a part of the larger community as a whole. And coming soon, I want to make a site where people could create their own arenas around any topic interesting to them."

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