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Bildschirm und Audio am Mac aufzeichnen: Professionelle Screencasts mit "ScreenFlow 1.5"

Mit "ScreenFlow 1.5" (MacOS X) von Telestream kann jede Art von Screen-Aktivität inklusive Streaming-HD-Videos aus dem Web genauso wie Windows-Anwendungen in "VMware Fusion" oder "Parallels" aufgezeichnet werden und ggf. als Flash- oder Windows-Media-Movies im Web exportiert werden. Screen2.0 gibt Anwtworten auf die häufigsten Fragen.

Fragen und Antworten des Herstellers

I downloaded the newest version of ScreenFlow on a new computer and now my serial number will not work. A new version of ScreenFlow was released on November 20, 2008. As a result of this release, any serial numbers purchased prior to this date will not work if being activated on a new machine. Please email and you will be issued a coupon to purchase a new ScreenFlow license at no charge.

What kind of graphics card do I need? For Mac OS X, we require a Quartz Extreme capable graphics card. If you are unsure if your graphics card is supported, please download our evaluation versions; the application itself will notify you if it can be run. You can expect most Mac hardware made in the last five years to fully support Quartz Extreme.

Does ScreenFlow work on Mac OS X Tiger? ScreenFlow requires many of the unique Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard features, and will not be able to run on older versions of Mac OS X (such as Tiger or Panther).

Does ScreenFlow work with Parallels or VMware? Since ScreenFlow captures everything on your screen, both Parallels and VMware are supported (including Computer Audio output). However, ScreenFlow will not be able to capture the "Foreground Window" rectangle in a Windows environment (we do not have access to the internal windows rectangle data).
We have run ScreenFlow with Parallels in all of it's modes (Coherence, Window, and Full Screen) without issue. In fact, using Parallels / VMware, some users have reported ScreenFlow to produce smoother output while using less CPU than native Windows screen capture applications.

Can I export Flash from ScreenFlow? ScreenFlow cannot directly export to Flash (SWF or FLV). We recommend using Episode Encoder media encoding to transcode your ScreenFlow QuickTime export into an FLV or SWF file.

Will ScreenFlow automatically turn off the ScreenSaver when it records? ScreenFlow presently does not automatically turn off the ScreenSaver.  If you are planning to record a long Screencast the best thing to do is to go into your system preferences and click on the Screensaver tab and set it to "never" until your cast is complete.  In addition if you have set your desktop to "sleep", you might want to select the "energy saver" icon in the system preferences and set the computer and display setting to "never" as well.

My USB mic and iSight are out of sync when I record myself,  what do I do? If the audio and video are out of sync, the best thing to do is to try using the audio input on the computer (not the USB input) as there can be a latency problem between the USB input and the iSight camera.  This is particularly evident when recording a "talking head".   Use a mic that utilizes the audio input into the computer.

ScreenFlow Error Message - Parameter Out of Range If you have purchased Flip4Mac WMV Studio in order to be able to export complete Windows Media Videos from ScreenFlow, you may be encountering a Parameter Out of Range error message.  The reason you are seeing this error message is because, prior to upgrading to WMV Studio, you were able to select configurations only supported by WMV Studio Pro or WMV Studio Pro HD.  To avoid this error when you export to WMV, select Export/WMV/Customize and choose one of the presets available from the Profiles pulldown.  After exporting the first time, you will not see the Parameter Out of Range error message again.

How can I share my screencasts? We recommend using Wistia to share your screencasts. Wistia lets you easily embed your screencasts on your website or blog and track exactly who's watching them

Why can't I paste a file from one project to another? Presently ScreenFlow does not paste documents from one 
project to another. You need to drag the media out of one project onto the desktop and then Move it from the desktop to the bin of the new project - See Tutorial

Why are there no hinted tracks generated when I select "hinted streaming" in my Quicktime export? nUnfortunately we've discovered that this particular functionality is broken (it isn't supported by the underlying QuickTime frameworks). We're trying to figure out how to re-implement this feature. In the meantime it is possible to do your hinted export with QuickTime Pro.

Exporting WMV from ScreenFlow When using Windows Media Export from ScreenFlow in its default setting, it will follow the Dimensions Scale By setting. When customizing the WMV setting, it will follow the size set in Flip4Mac. When the Flip4Mac WMV size is set to "Current", it will follow the ScreenFlow Dimensions Scale By setting.

If my camera is showing up in the configure devices pane why will it not record? If you have a camera that utilizes MPEG-2, this will not be compatible with ScreenFlow at this time.

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