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"Privacy Issues" Warnung: "Google Chrome" spioniert

Mehr Details zu den von Screen2.0 monierten Datenschutz-Problemen: im Default-Zustand kommuniziert Googles neuer Browser "Chrome" ständig mit dem Server, um Auto-Completion-Vorschläge abzufragen. Dadurch wird der Nutzer quasi transparent. Das sollten Sie wissen, bevor Sie den Browser verwenden.

So kommuniziert Google seine "Privacy Policy":

Information Google receives when you use Google Chrome
You do not need to provide any personally identifying information in order to download and use Google Chrome. When you download Google Chrome or use it to contact Google’s servers, Google receives only standard log information including your machine’s IP address and one or more cookies. You can configure Google Chrome to not send cookies to Google or other sites as explained here.
In addition, some Google Chrome features send limited additional information to Google:

Information website operators receive when you visit a site using Google Chrome

Sites that you visit using Google Chrome will automatically receive standard log information similar to that received by Google.  These sites may also set their own cookies on your machine.  You can restrict cookies by setting your preferences in the Google Chrome Options menu.  If you use Google Chrome in incognito mode, it will not transmit any pre-existing cookies to sites that you visit.   Sites may deposit new cookies on your machine while you are in incognito mode, however.  These cookies will be temporarily stored and transmitted to sites while you remain in incognito mode.  They will be deleted when you close the browser or return to normal browsing mode.  

Information stored on your computer when you use Google Chrome

Google Chrome records useful information about your browsing history on your own computer.  This includes:
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