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"Smoothie Charts": JavaScript-Bibliothek zur Visualisierung von Live-Daten

Um Streams von Daten, etwa Web-Nutzungsstatistiken oder die Server-CPU-Auslastung kontinuierlich zu visualisieren fehlte bislang ein geeignetes Open-Source-JavaScript-Framework. Diese Lücke kann "Smoothie Charts" von Joe Walnes schließen. Die Bibliothek funktioniert derzeit mit "Chrome" und "Safari 5".

Der Urheber Joe Walnes in seinem Blog: "There’s tons of great JavaScript charting libraries out there. Too many to choose from. I’ve just made it worse by adding yet another to the mix.

Before I go on, I want to balance karma a little – if you’re looking for a JavaScript charting library, just use Flot. I don’t know anything about your requirements, but I like my chances – everyone loves Flot (including me). It’s small, simple, great looking and flexible.

So why another library? Well, I had a very specific problem… I want to show real time streaming data pushed over a WebSocket. Although many of the charting libraries allow you to dynamically update data, none have really been optimized for a constant stream of data. I tried many (seriously, at least 40 libraries) and the constant updates just looked too jerky.

So Smoothie Charts was born. It’s not big, and it’s not clever. And it only works on Chrome and Safari. And it doesn’t support legends. Or pie-charts. In fact, it’s inferior in virtually every way to a library like Flot. But, it’s very good at displaying streaming data.

I use it for building web dashboards monitoring active system load (that look something like this).

Use it, hack on it, and contribute back."

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