hints & tips, news // 2011.03.24 08:37:14 [hh]

"TweenJS": in "JavaScript" animieren wie in "Flash"

Grant Skinner hat ein neues Projekt neben "EaselJS" begonnen, das zusätzlich aus "ActionScript" bekannte Tweening-Features jetzt auch in "JavaScript" ermöglicht.

Grant Skinner: "There were a lot of requests for tweening support in EaselJS, so to address this I thought I’d try writing a companion tweening library. I started in on this a couple days ago, and just posted the very early results to a new GitHub repo.

This is very much pre-alpha, untested, undocumented, and subject to change, but I thought I’d share it and solicit feedback.

It has a simple but powerful API that uses chained method calls to create complex tweens (similar to Graphics in EaselJS). For example, the following code will create a new tween instance that tweens the target’s x value to 300 for 400ms, waits 500 ms, then tweens the target’s alpha to 0 over 1s, sets its visible to false, and calls the onComplete function."

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