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"JsDOSBox": ein DOS-Emulator in "JavaScript"

Noch einmal Nerdcore: das Open-Source-Projekt "JsDOSBox" ist eine Portierung von "jDosbox" (was wiederum eine Java-Portierung der "DOSBox" ist), welches die Ausführung von x86-Code im Browser und ohne weitere Plug-ins erlaubt. Die meisten DOS-Spiele (darunter "Doom" und "ToomRaider"), "SoundBlaster"-Anwendungen und auch "Windows 3.1" laufen, "Windows 95/98" hat noch einige Abstürze.

Die Urheber zu der Portierung:

"JsDOSBox is a JavaScript port of jDosbox. It is capable of running dos programs from the early 90's. Currently in alpha and missing emulation of some key peripherals such as sound and mouse control. For a demonstration of JsDOSBox running a shareware game go to

To see a more general x86 PC emulator which boots FreeDOS and Linux see my other project JsPC emulator at

Note this program is still in alpha with limited functionality.

JsDOSBox has a hardcoded config using:
- 486 machine type with a FPU
- 8 Mb ram
- s3 video card

The only parameters currently configurable are the core (dynamic or normal), frameskip (0-12)
and autorun (see below for explanation of autorun).

Extract the file from the base source directory.

This contains all the static JavaScript files to run JsDOSBox.

The JsDOSBoxTest.html file includes everything to launch and configure the program.

The files are to be copied into the appropriate directory of your favourite web server. REMEMBER: Due to browser caching, make sure to flush your browser cache as you configure the program."

Direkter Link: projects/ jsdosbox