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"Useful Coding Tools and JavaScript Libraries For Web Developers"

Das "Smashing Magazine" bietet einen Überblick über eine ganze Reihe interessanter "JavaScript"-Bibliotheken und Tools. Für Entwickler ist dieser Online-Artikel allemal einen Blick wert.

"Everyone who is a regular Smashing Magazine reader will know that we have a traditional habit of regularly researching the latest resources, tools and services out there on the Web, as productivity is a crucial asset of professional Web designers and developers. We could, and should, all integrate workflow optimization into our working practices.

Perhaps we should warn you upfront for the long compilation, but what can we say — there are so many excellent tools out there which deserve attention of the community, yet unfortunately remain obscure way too often. We love all the designers and developers out there for releasing and producing useful, valuable resources for all of us to use! We, for one, surely sincerely appreciate it in the name of the Web design community. Whether you like it or not, here are some of the most useful coding and workflow tools released recently."

Direkter Link: 2011/ 10/ 28/ useful- coding- workflow- tools- for- web- designers- developers