news // 2010.12.09 08:30:03 [hh]

Google erwirbt Lizenzen für Adobes E-Book-DRM

Adobe Systems hat sein DRM für PDFs und ePubs in Form des "Adobe Content Server 4" an Google lizenziert. Dieser ermöglicht den geschützten Verkauf und die Vermietung von E-Books und anderen digitalen Publikationen auf Smartphones, Touchpads, Notebooks und Desktop-PCs (insgesamt mehr als 85 Plattformen). Nach dem "Sony Reader" und "Nook" von Barnes & Noble ist Google der dritte große Anbieter.

Hintergrundinformationen des Herstellers

Dave Burkett, Vice President und General Manager, "Creative Solutions Business": "We are excited about Google joining the largest ecosystem of content distributors that believe in giving consumers the freedom to read ebooks across platforms and device types. Adobe is helping publishers navigate a rapidly changing media landscape, where new devices are opening up new business opportunities to distribute unique content."

Adobes Details und Hintergrundinformationen: "Adobe Content Server is part of Adobe’s end-to-end Digital Publishing Solution for ebooks with Adobe InDesign® CS5, Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. The solution allows users to download and read ebooks from Google eBooks without being locked into a proprietary file format or device. More than 200 publishers and distributors worldwide are using the solution today to securely deliver their copyrighted content to end-users through thousands of points-of-purchase across the globe, including many public libraries. This reduces the risk of unauthorized distribution and gives content owners the flexibility to develop their own monetization models around digital content delivery. Licensees of Adobe Content Server include Barnes & Noble, Google, Random House, Sony, WW Norton, OverDrive, Ingram Digital, Kobo, British Library, and many more.

With the Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe enables companies to offer smartphones and reading devices that can easily download, manage, and display ebooks based on PDF and the open EPUB file format. Adobe’s ebook initiatives come at a time when Adobe is pushing the boundaries of delivering new digital publication experiences with leading publishers such as Condé Nast and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. With these new types of interactive, branded experiences, publishers can create rich content on tablets, smartphones and other devices that attracts high-value subscribers and advertisers."