hints & tips // 2009.08.11 08:06:33 [hh]

D90- und D5000-Videos am Mac konvertieren

Nikon verwendet bei seinen neueren Spiegelreflex-Kameras ein eigenes AVI-Format für die aufgezeichneten HD-Videos. Ein einfacher Trick hilft, die Videos am Mac ins Standard-Files umzuwandeln, die auch in Video-Tools wie "Adobe Premiere Pro" geöffnet werden können.

Alex Becket erklärt in seinem Blog, wie es geht: "I think the main problem is that Premiere is an old Carbon based application and can’t quite understand the D90 file type.
Never fear though there is a way to solve it…

  1. Download the movies as you normally would and make a note of where you’ve stored them.
  2. Either install the Mac Developer tools or visit this page to download the setfile application
  3. Fire up the Terminal application (yes I know this is scary and I may try and automate this for people in the future…)
  4. if you downloaded setfile rather than installing the developer tools, cd into the directory where is it located eg: cd downloads/setfile – tip: if you press tab twice the terminal will autocomplete things for you!
  5. In the terminal run this command to set the correct file type  SetFile -t "VfW " pathtofolderwithyourmovies/*.AVI eg (SetFile -t "VfW " movies/test/*.AVI)
  6. In the terminal again run this command to rename the files to .mov:  rename -v 's/\.AVI$/\.mov/' pathtofolderwithyourmovies/*.AVI
  7. You should find all of your movies have now been renamed to .mov and will now all open in premier!
So there you go, that’s how you open D90 movies in premier for editing. If anybody has any problems hit me up in the comments."

Mark Chambers hat dieses Verfahren in ein Script umgewandelt. Dieses kann hier gefunden werden: blog/ 2009/ 08/ 02/ convert-nikon-d90-videos-to-work-with-adobe-premiere-pro-cs4