news // 2009.11.13 08:37:28 [hh]

"Bibble 5": neue Version des Raw-Konvertierungstools

Von Version 5 des komplett überarbeiteten Raw-Konvertierungstools "Bibble" (Windows, Mac OS X) gibt es jetzt eine "Preview 3", die über die Web-Site des Herstellers kostenlos herunter geladen werden kann. Neben einem komplett überarbeiteten Interface bietet die Raw-Workflow-Software Unterstützung von 50 weiteren Kamera-Modellen, Watched Folders zur automatischen Konvertierung, extensive Tools zum selektiven Bearbeiten von Bildern, sowie verbesserte Unterstützung von EXIF-, XMP-, und IPTC-Metadaten.

Die Informationen des Herstellers:

"This public Preview of Bibble 5 reveals the power and speed that the final version of Bibble 5.0 will provide. While this Preview does include many of the major features that Bibble 5.0 will be introducing, it is still in active development, some features have been disabled, and it still has stability issues and other known bugs.

Bibble 5 Preview Version 3. We're happy to announce that we've just updated our Preview Version of Bibble 5. This Preview Version extends the capabilities first introduced in earlier Preview Versions, and incorporates direct feedback we have received based on earlier Previews from photographers around the world.

Over 50 Additional RAW Cameras Added. This Preview Version adds over 50 new RAW Camera formats to the list of supported cameras - including all the latest cameras like the Canon 7D, Nikon D3s and D300s, and Panasonic GF1.

On-demand and Background Printing Support Added. PV3 also adds fast, flexible printing support, allowing you to print RAW files directly from Bibble to any locally attached or networked printer. The background printing feature allows you to pre-define a print layout, including paper size, paper type, images per page, as well as many other options. Once the layout is created, just drag-and-drop thumbnails on the Print Batch to send those images directly to the printer.

Watched-Folders for Workflow Automation. Bibble 5 now also supports “Watched Folders” with each watched folder automatically sending new files to a File or Print Output. This, paired with background printing, make Bibble 5 an ideal Event Printing solution.

Dramatic Improvements to Selective Editing. Not only are additional image adjustments available for use in Selective Editing (most notably Noise Ninja), but the on-screen rendering and editing of Regions has also been dramatically improved. The only settings which cannot be applied selectively are those that don't make sense to apply to only a portion of an image: rotation, lens distortion correction, auto-levels, and Look Profiles. Even 3rd Party Plugins can be applied to a selection of your image.

Upgraded Catalog Format. PV3 has made many improvements to handling of Metadata - both from EXIF data written into image files and XMP or IPTC data written in XMP sidecar files. Some of this data was not properly imported into Bibble 5

We're continuing to work through the remaining issues, while addressing other feature-omissions like Perfectly Clear, and Healing / Cloning. This Preview also does not provide final image quality, though color and noise profiles have been updated and improved for many camera models.

As with our first Preview Versions, the goal of this Preview is to provide the most up-to-date Bibble 5 testing platforms to our Bibble 4 customers, and to continue to solicit feedback and suggestions on it. It is not yet intended for full production use."

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