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"Adobe Audition" jetzt auch auf dem Mac

Adobe Systems hat eine Public Beta seines Audio-Post-Processing-Tools "Audition" (bislang Windows-only) für den Mac auf "Adobe Labs" veröffentlicht. "Adobe Audition for Mac" stellt die von der Windows-Version bekannen professionellen Tools für wie Audio-Editing, Multitrack-Mixing und Recording auf dem Mac zur Verfügung.


So beschreibt Adobe die Features:

"Adobe Audition for Mac offers:

Fragen und Antworten an Adobe

Are you still developing Audition for Windows? Yes. While this public beta of Audition is for the Mac, we will ship on both Mac and Windows. Adobe strives to deliver the same feature set across platforms.

Will I need a serial number for the Audition for Mac beta software download? No. This release does not require a serial number for use, however it will only be usable during the duration of the beta trial period.

Is there any activation required for the Audition for Mac beta software download? No. Because there is a no serial number, no activation is required. However, the software will automatically expire at the end of the beta trial period.

Will Audition offer improved integration with Adobe Premiere Pro? Yes. One of Adobe's priorities is building robust workflows that address the real-world challenges our customers face as they create content. Integration between products is a key part of how we develop and deliver those solutions, and Audition for the Mac offers many of the same integration options available between Audition 3 for Windows and Adobe Premiere Pro.

How will Audition integrate with other DAWs and NLEs? Audition will support OMF, XML, and other open standards for sharing multitrack sessions.

What's happening with Adobe Soundbooth? Soundbooth is tailored to the needs of creative professionals who work with audio but who are not audio experts. Audition offers more robust professional capabilities for working with audio.

Some of the features I use in Audition 3 aren't in this public beta. Will they be available in the shipping version? Audition for Mac offers many of the core capabilities you'll find in Audition 3; but, because it is based on new underlying technology, it does not have an identical feature set. Some features, such as MIDI support, are not included because other tools in the market offer those capabilities and they are not part of the core audio post-production workflows that are at the heart of Audition's strengths. Others, like CD Burning, are not included because the majority of newly-created content is distributed digitally and inexpensive or free third-party CD burning tools, such as iTunes, are readily available. If you have specific requests, please let us know in the discussion forum.

Some of the features I use in Soundbooth aren't in the Audition for Mac beta. Will they be available in the shipping version? Audition for Mac is an entirely different product. We believe that Audition provides the functionality audio and video pros work with most frequently while offering fine control and a rich toolset. If you have specific requests, please let us know.


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