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"Shibuya": Adobes AIR App Store

Adobe Systems hat auf "Adobe Labs" eine Preview auf die Flash-basierte App-Plattform mit dem Codenamen "Shibuya" gegeben, welche es AIR("Adobe Integrated Runtime")-Entwicklern erlaubt, ihre Software ähnlich wie in Apples "iPhone App Store" zu distribuieren und zu verkaufen. Adobe kümmert sich dabei um die gesamte Abwicklung, inklusive Angebot im "AIR Marketplace", Try & Buy, Nutzerstatistiken und Lizensierung.

Die Informationen des Herstellers

»Shibuya is a monetization service for developers creating Adobe AIR applications. You can start selling your AIR applications with a try & buy licensing model.

Shibuya has the following benefits today:

Easy to enable try/buy: When you are developing your AIR application you simply embed the licensing SWC in your application, enter a few lines of code and specify the price/trial periods online. It’s that simple to enable a try/buy in your application.

Get paid and view analytics: You get paid at a regular interval, typically one time per month. Reports are available online via the Adobe Developer Connection site. In this initial release you’ll be able to view reporting information regarding revenue, active trials, expired trials and downloads. This information is available for everywhere you use Shibuya – not just for downloads from the Adobe AIR Marketplace.

At / after MAX, participation in the beta release of Shibuya is restricted to few AIR developers. Once the service is deployed as a full product, we will open this service publicly for all AIR developers to participate.

To see Questions and Answers related to the Shibuya End-user/Customer experience see the Shibuya End-user FAQ. If you have received a Shibuya beta $5 coupon at Adobe MAX, you can download and purchase applications on the AIR Marketplace.

To join the program, sign up for the Shibuya Pre-release. The button below will take you to the Pre-release interest form. Please select Shibuya from the list of available Pre-release programs. Please describe your application(s) in the "Why do you want to participate in Pre-release program(s)?" area.«

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