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"Business Catalyst" gehört jetzt Adobe

Wer die kürzlich vorgestellte australische Web-Site "Business Catalyst" aufsucht, der wird jetzt informiert: "We're excited! Business Catalyst ist now a part of Adobe." Dieser Schritt ging ohne offizielle Announcements seitens Adobe vonstatten. Screen2.0 gibt einen Überblick.

Die Fragen und Antworten von Business Catalyst

Why is Adobe acquiring BC?
The BC platform enables web professionals to build online businesses for their clients at a fraction of the traditional time and cost, without programming. BC is a great complement to Adobe's existing tools and services for web professionals, who are increasingly looking to hosted services to deliver websites and online businesses.

Will there be any interruptions to normal BC services?
We do not anticipate any interruptions to our service. Our systems will continue to run at full steam, business as usual! As we'd normally do, we'll let you know of any scheduled maintenance.

Will pricing for new sites change?
There are currently no plans for any price changes.

What about my Partner Portal, my client's sites, creating new sites and so on?
There are no current plans to change the Partner Portal, commissions or other tools. In fact as part of this acquisition we plan to significantly enhance the Business Catalyst offering.

Will technical support be affected?
We have no current plans to modify the support services and service level agreements we offer.

Will Business Catalyst's management team be changing?
No. Our entire management team will remain intact and continue to manage and grow Business Catalyst with the support of the wider Adobe organization.

What about the other guys, will the BC team be changing much?
No, the current BC team will remain largely and happily intact within Adobe.

Will the BC system continue to be updated?
Of course. We'll continue to deliver system improvements, new features and more.

Can you tell us what Adobe plans to do with BC? Any integration plans?
Right now we're focused on making sure our systems and support continue to hum along through the initial transition period. In regards to the future, we're currently in the planning stages. There's a lot of exciting initiatives in the pipeline, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves so for now we can't comment! You can be sure that we'll be keeping you in the loop in the weeks to come.

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