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"Sesam schliesse dich": mit "Flex" Daten verschlüsseln

Wie man in "Adobe Flex 3" auch ohne SSL verschlüsselte Datenübertragung und -speicherung realisieren kann, das zeigt ein Artikel namens "Using the EncryptedLocalStore to encrypt data on the client with AIR" von Marco Cesario.

"Adobe AIR has an EncryptedLocalStore class that allows to encrypt data to store it on the client’s machine. Adobe AIR EncryptedLocalStore APIs use DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) on Windows and the Keychain on Mac.
DPAPI  is a relatively easy-to-use cryptography API available as a standard component in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Keychainis a password management system in Mac OS X. The default keychain file is the login keychain, decrypted on login by the user's login password  stored in ~/Library/Keychains/.
Both the encrypted local store uses AES-CBC 128-bit encryption.
Using the methods of the EncryptedLocalStore APIs you can save and get data, stored as byte array data, in an encrypted format that cannot be deciphered by other applications or users. In fact each AIR application uses a different encrypted local store for each user."

Weitere Informationen: mmworld/ 2008/ 06/ using-the-encry.html