hints & tips // 2010.07.15 08:30:41 [hh]

"Ultra Simple Output Class": so können Sie Werte in "Flex" auch ohne Debugging anzeigen

Eine einfache ActionScript-Klasse erlaubt das Loggen von Daten in ein Textfeld. Sehr gut, wenn Debugging aus Timing-Gründen keine Option ist.

Autor Grant Skinner zu seiner kleinen Hilfsklasse: "Lately I've been messing around with Flash on devices and in other "new frontiers". It's fun, but sometimes getting debugging working is hit or miss. To address this, I wrote an ultra simple class for tracing to a text field. It's nothing fancy, but that's the point - it's simple (~15 lines of code), tiny (~0.5kb), handy (at least for me), and works well, so I thought I'd share."

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