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Rapid Development mit "ZoomFlex": strukturierte "Flex"-Anwendungen schneller und sauberer erstellen

"ZoomFlex" ist ein neues Web-basierendes Tool, das es erlauben soll, Flex-basierte RIA- und Enterprise-Anwendungen schneller zu erstellen. Der Anbieter Straker Interactive spricht von 30 Prozent Zeitersparnis beim Authoring.

Dabei wird laut Hersteller "sauberer" Code zur Weiterverarbeitung generiert, welcher auf dem MVC-Framework "Cairngorm" und den "Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions" basiert. Die "UM Cairngorm Extensions" sind Open Source und werden zur Zeit in der Community heiß diskutiert, u.a. beim Podcast der "The Flex Show".

Wer sich vorab mit ZoomFlex vertraut machen möchte, sollte sich einfach mal einen Demo-Zugang zuschicken lassen.

Einige Fragen und Antworten von Straker

Is ZoomFlex only available as a hosted service or can I run it on my own servers?
Yes, ZoomFLEX can be purchased as a standalone install that you can run on your own servers. You will require the Adobe ColdFusion 8 server running on your server but this can also be included in the price of product.

Is there a development version available if I take the hosted version?
An additional development site (for a charge) can be setup when you take the hosted version.

How easy is it for me to change the look and feel of the generated application?
Very easy, simply change out the stylesheet and layout using Flex Builder. 

Can I get consulting and support when I start out with ZoomFLEX?
Yes you can, we offer consulting, training and support plans.

Is ZoomFLEX a replacement for Flex Builder?
No, it is a tool that brings together Flex and the server and you can use it to build pre defined application shells. Once you have generated your application objects and actions you then export the code to Flex Builder where you customize and extend it to your requirements. 

Does ZoomFLEX use Flex Data Services?
No, although it can be configured to do so if required. ZoomFLEX utilizes its own data management engine for data synchronization but does push / pull rather than asynchronous data transfer. 
After I after generate my application and customized the code, what happens when I alter or add new objects to the ZoomFLEX server Classes?
Merge, it's the only real answer but dosen't take long given the very organised structure of the generated code. In many cases you can just regenerate the Flex Value Objects but often it is better to do a full merge. 

Über Straker Interactive: "Straker Interactive is a leading global provider of web-based Content Management and Flex enabling software. It was formed by Grant Straker and Merryn Goble and commenced trading in 1999. Its flagship product suite Shado is a marketing enabling tool that enhances a company's online customer management and marketing activities. The Company was originally a software and services business, but sold its service business in 2006 to concentrate on being a pure software business and building its international markets. Straker has offices in Auckland, Sydney, San Francisco and Ireland with active clients across all major geographies."

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