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Bilder einer Geschichte: "Evolution Of Photoshop: 1988 – 2009"

Die englischsprachige Web-Site "Hongkiat" hat unter dem Titel "Evolution Of Photoshop: 1988 – 2009" eine historisch interessante Zusammenstellung von Icons, Splash Screens, Paletten und Workspace-Screenshots fast aller "Photoshop"-Versionen - d.h. 0.07 (!) bis 11.0 (CS4) - zusammengestellt.

"Adobe Photoshop has always been one of the greatest (if not the best) software when it comes to manipulating and editing image. It all started off in 1987 with a Mac application call Display, created by Thomas Knoll. With almost two decades worth of changes and improvements, you almost can’t imagine how the first version of Photoshop would look like by looking at the Photoshop you have on your desktop.
In this post, we attempt to bring you back in time to look at how the very first Photoshop look like, then we scan through each evolution of Photoshop to the latest Adobe Photoshop CS4 in market today."

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