hints & tips // 2009.08.06 08:14:39 [hh]

Unscharfe Hintergründe mit "Photoshop"-Masken und "Bokeh"

John Barclay zeigt in seinem "Photography Blog", wie einfach man mit Alien Skins "Photoshop"-Plug-in "Bokeh" umscharfe Hintergünde generieren kann.

Barclay zu seinem Workshop: "The folks at Alien Skin have created a pretty nice program the simulates the Bokeh of a lens.  The beauty of this program is that you can stop down your lens to get the desired sharpness for your subject knowing you can use Bokeh to soften the background.  The software is very robust with its controls and the results are amazing.  The blog image was shot at f/16 so the birds would be sharp.  I knew when I was shooting the background (even though it was a long way away) would be to detailed.  I was anxious to get this one into Bokeh as I knew I could make the background nice and soft."

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