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Alien Skin veröffentlicht "The Photo Bundle"

Einem aktuellen Trend folgend, demzufolge Software-Unternehmen ihre Produkte in möglichst vielen Zusammenstellungen auf dem Markt werfen, hat jetzt auch der US-amerikanische "Photoshop"-Plug-in-Hersteller Alien Skin ein neues Paketangebot namens "The Photo Bundle" bestehend aus aktuellen Versionen von "Blow Up 2", "Bokeh", "Exposure 2", "Image Doctor 2" und "Snap Art 2" auf den Markt gebracht. Gegenüber den einzelnen Produkten sollen "Photoshop"- und "Photoshop Elements"-Anwender mit dem 595 US-Dollar (bzw. 450 US-Dollar für User eines dieser Einzelprodukte) teuren Bundle rund 500 Dollar und Bearbeitungszeit sparen.

Die Informationen des Herstellers zu den Einzelprodukten:

Blow Up enlarges photos while keeping them crisp and clear.  Blow Up 2 takes the complexity out of preparing photos for printing with a user interface that intelligently handles resizing, cropping, and sharpening.  The sophisticated enlargement algorithm produces photos dramatically sharper and more detailed than any other method.

Bokeh accurately simulates focus effects created by real lenses.  Photographers use Bokeh to draw attention to their subject by manipulating focus and depth of field after the shot has been taken.  From changing the depth of field to placing a radial sweet spot and adding a vignette, Bokeh has many tools for realistic blurring and altering the mood of a scene.  Bokeh is the first software based on mathematics sophisticated enough to produce a natural blur and creamy highlights.

Exposure accurately simulates a wide range of film stocks, including ones that were discontinued such as Polaroid, Kodachrome, and Scala.  Attention to the subtleties of film grain, contrast, saturation, and color cast brings back the unique looks of classic film.  With over 300 presets for films, special effects, and dark room techniques, it is easy to get started with Exposure.

Image Doctor is a complete toolset for photo restoration, smart object removal, blemish concealment, skin softening, and JPEG artifact repair.  Even severely damaged old photos can be restored.  Portrait touchup with Image Doctor results in blemish free  and smooth yet realistic skin.

Snap Art turns a photo into a beautiful work of art with a single click.  Choose from ten natural media and hundreds of styles, such as oil paint, watercolor, and pencil sketch.  Detailed simulation of individual brush strokes and canvas texture gives results that are indistinguishable from handmade art.  You make the creative choices while Snap Art takes care of all the tedious work of drawing brush strokes.

Host Requirements
All of the products in the Photo Bundle are plug-ins and require a host application.  They will all work with the hosts listed below.  Some of them will also work with other hosts.  For details on each product.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows users must have at least a Pentium 4 processor or compatible and Windows XP or later. Apple Macintosh users must have a PowerPC G5 or Intel processor and Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. For best performance on either platform, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB of RAM is recommended.  A monitor with 1024x768 resolution or greater is required.

Weitere Informationen gibt es in Kürze hier: