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"101 Photoshop Tips in fünf Minuten"

Deke McClelland versucht etwas wahnsinniges, was andernorts in der Regel in Buch- oder Artikel-Form abgehandelt wird: 101 "Photoshop"-Tips in fünf Minuten Video unterzubringen. Ob das Sinn macht? Keine Ahnung. Ob das Spaß macht? Zum Teil. Ob das perfektes Edutainment ist? Sicher nicht. Da setzen wir dann doch lieber auf "You suck at Photoshop".

Dazu Deke McClelland: "If you've ever read a computer magazine, you know the idea behind "101 Tips." One gala issue, lots of first-rate contributors, lots of quality information. And lots and lots of pages. But when's the last time one lone guy tried to capture 101 tips in video? In just 5 minutes of video? Set to music? This is the realm of dekePod, the once-every-other-weekly series from Deke McClelland. It's bold, it's brash, it's ridiculous. It's a podcast with serious issues. Enjoy."

Vielleicht dann doch lieber auf "O'Reilly Digital Media" weiter surfen...

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