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"Node-Based Computing": Bilder visuell programmieren mit Bausteinen

Einen interessanten Ansatz namens "Node-Based Image Processing" bietet ein neues Programm "Toolbox" (Mac OS X ab 10.5) von Simon Strandgaard. Hier und in ähnlichen Tools wie "ArtMatic Pro" (Mac) und "Filter Forge" (Windows) können selbst komplexe Graphiken und Bild-Filter zusammengeklickt werden. Screen2.0 stellt dieses und andere interessante Projekte und Produkte vor.

Simon Strandgaard über seine Software: "Toolbox can do MANY things. It allows me to construct cool graphics with building blocks and just like playing with Legos everything can be built this way. I personally use Toolbox for creating textures, icons and some photo tasks. You may find it useful for experimentation and eventually figure out a task that its good at solving for you.
It's not Photoshop. The interface is different and requires another mindset to use. If you are a master of Photoshop layers then you should have no trouble understanding the superior concept of building blocks. Toolbox is not intended to be a Photoshop replacement. You can use it as a supplement or for leisure.
There are also tasks that Toolbox cannot perform. It's not possible to draw with a brush, you cannot render high resolution images and photo retouching is impossible. Toolbox has another purpose which I talk more about on the rest of this page."

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