hints & tips // 2009.11.02 08:33:12 [hh]

"Field": Python-Programmierung für "Digital Art"

Mit "Field" betritt ein weiteres Programmierprojekt für visuelle Projekte und Digital-Kunst im Stile von "Processing" als Public-Beta-Version die Bühne. Das Python-basierte kostenlose Open-Source-Mac-Projekt (Mac OS X 10.5) des "MIT Media Lab" erfordert Apples "Developer Tools" und kann Java-Code integrieren, unterstützte OpenGL-Rendering, und kann mit "Jython" compiliert werden.

"Field is an open-source software project initiated by OpenEnded Group, for the creation of their digital artworks. It is an environment for writing code to rapidly and experimentally assemble and explore algorithmic systems. It is visual, it is hybrid, it is code-based. We think that it has something to offer a diverse range of programmers and artists.

Based on ideas started at the MIT Media Lab, Field was in development in-house for around 6 years. But for the last 16 months it has been quietly available online as an open source project. We are pleased to announce the initial "beta" binary open-source releases for Intel-based Macs OS X 10.5 or 10.6."

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