news // 2009.03.06 08:03:34 [hh]

Mit "PhotoKeys" und "iPhone" Adobes "Photoshop" fernsteuern

Mit einer 3 Euro teuren App namens "PhotoKeys" (von dem "AirMouse"-Anbieter RPA Technology) für das "iPhone" (mindestens Version 2.1) und einer speziellen Software für Windows (Windows und XP 32/64bit) und Mac (ab 10.4) lassen sich viele Funktionen in "Adobe Photoshop" per Touch-Interface fernsteuern.

"Photo Keys turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate Photoshop companion tool by putting the entire Photoshop toolbar, as well as many useful shortcuts right at your fingertips. Professionals will appreciate the quickness and convenience of being able switch tools with the press of a button, while beginners will be able master the features and shortcuts within Photoshop with greater ease. Once you start using Photo Keys, you'll wonder how you ever worked without it."

Die Features laut Hersteller:

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