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Drum und Bass jetzt auch auf dem "iPhone": "ReBirth Reborn"

Propellerhead Software hat seinen Desktop-Klassiker aus den 90er-Jahren jetzt auf das "iPhone" portiert: "ReBirth" bietet die Emulation des Roland TB-303 Basssynthesizers und der Roland TR-808 und TR-909 Drum Machines. Zusammen mit Effekten wie Delays, Pattern Filter und Distortion bildet die 5,49 Euro teure App das vermutlich erste ernstzunehmende virtuelle Micro-Studio für Techno, Acid und Trance.

Der Hersteller über sein portiertes Tool: "ReBirth is back...In your iPhone! Propellerhead Software's legendary Techno Micro Composer has been reincarnated. This time around, ReBirth takes the form of a seriously block rocking iPhone music app. Released in 1997 and discontinued in 2005, Propellerhead ReBirth was the first music software to reproduce the sound and behavior of those three classic Roland devices that defined the sound of early Techno and Acid House: the TB-303 Bassline Synth and the TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers.

With dual basssynths and pattern sequencers, two sets of drum machines plus FX and mixer sections, ReBirth gives you an extremely streamlined but very powerful music production environment. Every knob and button on ReBirth's devices can be tweaked and turned in real time, so when you plug your iPhone into that massive sound system, you're in charge everything from pattern selections to the depth of those nasty Acid filter squelches.

ReBirth for the iPhone may be small and ever so cutesy looking, but it's no toy, believe it. With a fully featured song mode and advanced copying and pasting capabilities, ReBirth is a fully featured iPhone music software product that lets you arrange and compose full tracks for saving to your iPhone. You can even share your songs with other ReBirth users - one single click will upload your composition to the ReBirth server, allowing other users to enjoy your music in their iPhones.

ReBirth for iPhone – music production software for the iPhone, perfect for music making on the go and with the sought after sounds for everything from Techno to Electro, House to Hip Hop, Electronica or whatever style you are into."

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