news // 2009.07.22 08:26:09 [hh]

"Layers 1.0" für das "iPhone": malen in Ebenen

Das aus Anwendungen wie "Photoshop" bekannte Konzept der Ebenen ist jetzt endlich auch auf dem "iPhone" angekommen. Mit "Layers 1.0" (3,99€) lassen sich Bilder in bis zu fünf Ebenen bearbeiten.

Informationen des Herstellers: "Layers offers a balanced set of painting tools that will appeal to seasoned artists and doodlers alike. With eight high-quality brushes, an eyedropper, and an eraser - Layers provides the tools you need to create great art. It's intuitive interface has been built around the workflows of popular iPhone artists. Toolbars on the screen hide as you work and can be brought back with a simple shake - so your tools are never far away. A full-screen color picker provides an infinite range of brush colors and transparency is fully supported throughout the app.

Layers takes undo and redo seriously. It keeps a 30-level undo stack as you work, and saves your undo history when you stop drawing - so it's easy to pick up where you left off! Every action is undoable, so you never get stuck trying to paint over a mistake."

Weitere Informationen: WebObjects/MZStore.woa/ wa/ viewSoftware? id=322043687& mt=8 ("iTunes Music Store"-Link)