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"SneakPeak": "Illustrator"- und "InDesign"-Dokumente auf dem "iPad", "iPod touch" oder "iPhone" anschauen

"SneakPeak" ist eine neue 10 Dollar teure "iOS"-App von Code Line ("Art Directors Toolkit", "Art Files", "Color Expert"), welche das Anschauen von Dokumenten erlaubt, welche mit "Adobe Illustrator" (Vektor-Design) oder "Adobe InDesign" (Layouts) erstellt wurden. Damit können Entwürfe inklusive aller Fonts, Bilder und Farbpaletten auch auf Apples mobilen Geräten angeschaut werden. Vermutlich ein Traum für so manch einen Art Director.

Die Informationen des Herstellers: "SneakPeek is a powerful media viewer that lets you preview Adobe® Illustrator and InDesign files right on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Say you're at lunch and someone sends you an Illustrator file, like the logo you've been waiting to approve for your big project. Up to now, you'd have to wait until you got back to the office to see the .ai file on your Creative Suite workstation. But with SneakPeek, you can not only see what the artwork looks like, but also get important detailed information about the file. Information like fonts used, linked images and defined swatches.

So now, along with your pastrami on rye, you can see that the color your team has come up with is TOTALLY wrong and instead should look more like the mustard you just got on your beret.

SneakPeek. View your graphics files, everywhere.

SneakPeek renders previews of graphics files stored on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It works by providing an "Open in SneakPeek" button to your favorite iOS applications like Mail, Dropbox, Safari and just about any app that gives you access to files. It also gives you access to useful information** including fonts used, names of linked images and a preview list of swatches.

As soon as a document is opened with SneakPeek, it gets to work scouring the file for information and pulling various elements to generate the best quality preview available. And staying in-step with the latest technologies, it'll even preview multiple pages for Illustrator documents with PDF compatibility and InDesign CS5 documents saved with multiple previews."

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