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Nostalgia: "Illustrator 1.0" Video

"Photoshop"-Produktmanager John Nack hat ein altes "Illustrator 1.0" Video aus dem Jahr 1987 komplett digitalisiert und in sein Blog gestellt. Es zeigt neben einem damals noch ziemlich jungen Adobe Gründer John Warnock auch Arbeiten, die mit dem Tool gemacht wurden.

John Nack: "As promised a couple of weeks ago, I've uploaded a copy of the VHS tape that shipped in the box with Illustrator 1.0, hosted by company co-founder/president/Illustrator developer John Warnock:

Many thanks to Andrew Keith Strauss for digitizing the tape. Of the video Dr. Warnock writes, 'That video demo tape was shot live, with no editing. We didn't have video production tools at that time, and we didn’t want to pay for a professional to do it, so I did the demonstration.' It's fun to contrast this tape with the Illustrator 88 video made just a year later."

Aus heutiger Sicht sieht das Tool mittlerweile ziemlich putzig aus.

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