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Push Notifications mit "WhatsApp": Instant Messaging für "iPhone" und "BlackBerry"

Mit "WhatsApp" (0,79 Euro) gibt es eine Lösung für Apples "iPhone" (und bald auch für den "BlackBerry"), das eine SMS-ähnliche Messaging-Lösung auf Basis von Push Notifications (d.h. bei Daten-Flatrate ohne zuätzliche Kosten). Was zunächst ziemlich banane klingt ist in der Praxis ziemlich vielversprechend. Neben Text beherrscht der Client auch Bild, und kann Status-Informationen über alle über ihre Telefonnummer registrierten "WhatsApp"-Buddies aus dem Adreßbucg anzeigen.

Die häufigsten Fragen zu "WhatsApp"

What is it? WhatsApp is a Smartphone-2-Smartphone instant messenger application and chat service that works over your existing internet data plan. Because WhatsApp uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.

Can I also chat with my BlackBerry contacts? WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry is currently in limited beta. Soon you will be able to have a real time cross-platform Smartphone messenger. Follow our twitter feed for updates on BlackBerry development status (and other news). Please do not email us asking for beta access, as we will let you know when it's ready :)

How is WhatsApp Messenger different from SMS? SMS is an older messaging system with limited functionality and higher cost. WhatsApp Messenger aims to provide more functionality at a lower cost. We are sure you and your friends will figure out the difference quickly after using WhatsApp to communicate with your friends.

Are phone calls free when using WhatsApp? No, the "Call" functionality is there simply for your convenience if you decide to call somebody.

What are those new red u/S/D letters next to my messages? We are glad you asked. These are message delivery acknowledgement indicators that are new for version 2.3 and here is what they mean:
u - message was sent to a chat partner who is currently online and is running an older version of the app for an iPhone (or a BlackBerry beta version)
S - message successfully arrived to the Server when chat partner is offline.
D - message was succesfully delivered to the Device of the chat partner.

Why use the status functionaity of WhatsApp? You can use the Status functionality of WhatsApp to inform your contacts about your mobile availability or anything else you'd like. For example:
You are in a meeting and it is best to send you a WhatsApp Message or an email
You are about to get on a plane and can only be reached after a certain time
You are at the gym and don't have your phone handy
Your battery is about to die and you prefer calls on your work number
Or you are sleeping, in a class, at the movies, or at a loud concert

What makes WhatsApp unique? WhatsApp automatically works with your existing iPhone Contacts. There is no hassle of adding friends, creating accounts, or memorizing and sharing PINs and login names.

How do I sign up? No sign up is necessary! Simply download WhatsApp to your iPhone or BlackBerry device and it will automatically work. We promise:)

My friend downloaded and installed WhatsApp but i can't chat with him/her... Why? This issue rarely happens since our app is quite smart, but in case you do run into this problem, make sure your friend's phone number is saved in your Address Book with a full international format starting with the + sign.

How do you use iPhone Push Notifications? WhatsApp will always send you Push Notifications when you have new and unread chat messages from a contact.

What Apple devices do you support? We support all iPhone and iPod touch devices no matter how old or new, as long they are running iPhone OS 3.0 and up. Please read the FAQ entry below for important information regarding iPod touch support.

Do you support iPod touch? You can use WhatsApp Messenger on iPod touch, but please be aware of the following caveats:
WhatsApp requires a functioning mobile telephone number during the signup process. This number would be used to send and receive WhatsApp messages to and from your contacts. A large number of our users utilize non-Smartphone mobile handsets in conjunction with WhatsApp Messenger on their iPod touch quite successfully.
Please be aware that an iPod touch turns off the WiFi radio when it is unplugged and in sleep mode (screen turned off). You will not receive new message notifications when your iPod touch is in this state. For the best experience, try to keep your iPod touch connected to power source as much as possible.
Finally, please make sure that friends and contacts you want to communicate with already exist in your iPod touch address book.

How can my contacts get WhatsApp? There is a "Tell a Friend" feature that you can use to tell your friends about WhatsApp. After you select your contacts, WhatsApp will send them a link to our download page. Your friends can also visit our Download page.

Will my status remain visible if my phone is turned off? Yes, your status will continue to stay visible to your contacts.

Does the status I set expire automatically? Can I set it to expire at a certain time? Yes, you can configure your status to expire automatically. You also have the option of setting a new status to be displayed after the current one expires.

Will you support other Smartphones? There is no denying it, we love our iPhones and BlackBerries! Indeed, we do plan to support other Smartphones in the future.

How long can my custom status be? We limit the status length to 139 characters.

What countries do you support? Most of them! We took extra steps during development to make sure WhatsApp works for almost every country in the world and even among contacts in different countries. However, WhatsApp is currently not supported in India and Indonesia.

I changed my phone number, how can I update WhatsApp? First, be sure to tell your contacts that you have a new phone number. The WhatsApp broadcast feature is a good way of telling people your new phone number. Then, simply delete and re-install WhatsApp and register with your new number.

How can I contact WhatsApp with questions, suggestions, or feedback? We would love to hear from you. Please E-mail us at

Why do you ask for my phone number? We ask for your phone number because that is how WhatsApp routes chat messages between you and your contacts, similar to how the regular SMS system would. We value your privacy and we have not, do not and will not ever sell your personal information to anyone. If you would like to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please take a look at our Privacy Notice.

How do I clear my status on the iPhone? Flick down to the bottom of the status list to find a "Clear Status" button.

How can I get sound and vibration alerts for new messages? To customize WhatsApp alerts, go into WhatsApp Settings and select "System Profiles". In the "System Profiles", select "Advanced" at the bottom to be presented with the list of your profiles:
Next, select "Edit" to get into edit mode of the profile you would like to edit:
Next, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the "WhatsApp New Message" notification entry to edit how you would like to get notified of the new message:

Remember to save these new settings when you exit "Profiles"

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