news // 2009.03.19 08:58:27 [hh]

Adobes "Buzzword" kann jetzt EPUBs und Versions-Diffs

Adobes Online-Textverarbeitung "Buzzword" (die Bestandteil des Portals ist) kann in der aktuellen Fassung auch Dokumente als EPUB-E-Book-Format für "Sony Reader", "Adobe Digital Editions" oder "Stanza" (iPhone) exportieren. Neu ist auch ein Vergleich zweier Versionen eines Dokumentes ("diff"), sowie "Safari 4"-Support.

Die Informationen des Herstellers: "The Buzzword team is excited about our latest release. There are some terrific new features that many of you have requested - seeing the differences between versions of a document, justified text, and the ability to export to EPUB, for eBook publishing to devices like the iPhone with Stanza, Sony Reader and Adobe Digital Editions! And for our Macintosh users, there's support for Safari 4 (beta.) Read more about this release via a Buzzword Open Access document. There's no need to sign in to Buzzword (or even to have an account, for that matter) to read the document. So, feel free to pass the link along to colleagues and friends.
The latest release includes:

Weitere Informationen: #d= j0ucywhJfUe*TLD3VMKwOQ ("Buzzword"-Informationen als "Buzzword"-Dokument)