news // 2009.03.25 08:03:11 [hh]

"Post an Idea": "" startet Ideen-Forum

Adobes Portal "", das Services rund um PDF, Sharing und Texverarbeitung anbietet, bietet seinen Nutzern jetzt die Möglichkeit, öffentlich Feature-Vorschläge zu machen und zu diskutieren.

Adobe Systems: "Please post your ideas, vote on ideas you like, and comment on
others' ideas. Together we can make even more useful! is a new kind of software - one that doesn't come in a box. And that means we can update it frequently. We do so based on feedback from our users. So, the more we hear from you, the better we can respond.

We've got a dedicated team at who will read all ideas and comments. These are the people who plan what's next and work with the larger team to deliver each release. We'll take the ideas that are the most popular and best fit for and make recommendations for putting those ideas to work.

You can help us decide by voting. We'll take some of the ideas based on vote-ranking, others because they're simply cool."

Weitere Informationen: ct/ s.bix? c=8FBBEA8F-D8E6-4E34-A7C1-7C74FB3B4EFA