news, links // 2010.02.11 08:25:26 [hh]

Der Veteran und Pionier in Sachen Bildbearbeitung: 20. Geburtstag von "Photoshop"

Am 19. Februar feiert Adobe Systems offiziell das 20. Jubiläum seines Bildbearbeitungsprogramms "Photoshop". "Scobleizer" hat schon heute ein Interview mit dem "Photoshop"-Erfinder John Knoll parat, der das Programm mit seinem Bruder zusammen verfaßte.

Robert Scoble hatte Gelegenheit, mit Knoll zu sprechen: "What is Knoll doing today? He is an award-winning special effects designer for Lucasfilms’ Industrial Light and Magic. He did some of the effects you see on Avatar, among many other movies.

Anyway, thanks to Craig Hosoda, who got me a tour of ILM (he worked there as one of its first computer geeks for several years) and who introduced me to John. It’s my 45th birthday today and this was a real treat I’ve been waiting 20 years for.

Enjoy the interview. In it you’ll learn that Electronic Arts turned down Photoshop, and you’ll hear many other stories about Photoshop in its early days."