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Digital Film Tools portiert Plug-ins "Power Stroke", "Light!" und "Ozone" für Apples "Aperture 2.1"

Nach Nik Softwares Ankündigung, das Photoshop-Plug-in "Viveza" auch für Apples Profi-Foto-Tool "Aperture 2.1" anzubieten, hat auch der kalifornische Post Processing Spezialist Digital Film Tools drei Photoshop-Plug-ins - namentlich "Power Stroke 1.0", "Light! 3.5" und "Ozone 2.5" (wir stellten alle Photoshop-Plug-in-Versionen dieser Tools bereits ausführlich vor) - als "Aperture 2.1 Ready" verkündet. Damit wird Apples RAW-Konvertierungs- und Organisationssoftware immer mehr zu einem ernst zu nehmenden Bildbearbeitungsprogramm.

Die Plug-ins kosten 50 US-Dollar ("Light!" und "Ozone") bzw. 120 US-Dollar ("Power Stroke") und sind direkt über die Web-Site des Herstellers zu beziehen.

Hier die Informationen des Herstellers zu den drei Plug-ins:

Power Stroke
Designed with the creative workflow of digital photographers,
graphic designers and artists in mind, Power Stroke introduces a
simple, interactive stroke-based interface to quickly and
intuitively perform targeted adjustments. Instead of meticulously
selecting regions or hand-painting masks, regions of interest are
isolated by drawing a few simple brush strokes with adjustments
then made only in those areas. Strokes can be assigned multiple
corrections and effects such as color correction, recoloring or
desaturation, colorization of black and white images, blur, fill
light for dimly lit image areas and diffusion/glow. Using
patented algorithms, Power Stroke produces high-quality results
at a fraction of the complexity and computational cost of
previous techniques. At long last, gestural selection,
colorization and image adjustment have been combined into one
natural, fast and easy process.

Light! allows photographers, designers and artists to add light
to a scene where none existed before just as if you were adding
light at the time of shooting. Realistic lighting and shadow is
introduced using the entire pattern/gobo library created by
GAMPRODUCTS, INC. Normally used in front of lights during
photography, these same exact patterns can now be applied
digitally to the entire image or inside a selection. There are
565 patterns to choose from including blendables, breakups,
Christmas, cityscapes and towns, clouds, fences and openings,
fire and water, flags, flowers, foliage, holidays and symbols,
moons, natural elements, religion, signage, sky and stars,
spirals, spotlights and pinspots, stones and brick, structures
and sets, themes, trees, vignettes and windows.

Ozone is a unique filter that allows photographers, designers and
artists to manipulate the color of an image with incredible
flexibility and accuracy. Inspired by Ansel Adams’ Zone System
for still photography, Digital Film Tools has created "The
Digital Zone System". To reproduce the infinite palette of
colors, tones and brightness of the world around us, the Digital
Zone System takes the spectrum of image values and divides them
into 11 discrete zones. With Ozone, the color and brightness of
each zone can be independently adjusted until you’ve painted a
new picture. All zones can be adjusted and viewed in context and
you don’t have to commit to the adjustments until all zones are

Power Stroke ($120), Light! ($50) and Ozone ($50) are available
for download or purchase at"

Weitere Informationen: apertureprods.htm